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Call Us Today

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Call Us Today

Personal & Small Groups

We offer:

Airport Transfers

Traveling to the airport? We provide transportation to O’hare, Midway, and Gary/Chicago.

City Tours

We conduct tours of the city to locations you might have never known existed until we bring you there! See all the tours here

Wine Tours

Experience the hidden pleasures the city has to offer with tours of local winery’s.

School Bus Services

Our focus is on community growth, and we want to help those who have the most growth ahead of them. Let’s get the little one to school and home safely. Connect us for information.

Prescheduled Quick Rides

Whether you are looking for services daily or monthly, we can be your chauffeur service.

Events & Corporate Travel

We Will make your next celebration very special

Concerts & Venues

Party like it’s…(fill in the blank)
We will be waiting for you once the event is over and get you safely to your destination.


Take the hassle away from miles of walking at convention centers from you car to the front door. Let us drop you off at the front door. Check out the rates today.

Sporting Events

Have a group traveling to a sporting event and don’t want to take the bill for parking? We will get you as close to the ticket booths as possible if you’d like.

Company Team Outings

Office Promotion? Holiday Party? Easily set-up and complete your transportation with Obsidian Rising.


Embrace the great pleasure of safe and dependable wedding services from Obsidian Rising.